Support Services, Logistics and Security

We offer the following support services to Vessel Agencies:

  • Crew Transportation (including non-emergency medical)
  • Cash to Master
  • Parcel & Document deliveries
  • D-2 & Parole Processing
  • Booking Hotel Accommodations
  • TWIC Escorts
  • Maritime Security Services
  • Captain of the Port Order Compliance
  • Vessel Security Plans
  • TWIC Security Guards
  • CBP Safeguard
  • Gangway Watches
  • Stowaway Repatriation

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured for crew repatriation and
embarkations, and fully licensed bonded and insured to get access to all
public and private docks and ports in the Pacific Northwest from
Bellingham, WA to Coos Bay, OR. We also provide customs and immigration
clearances for foreign crew members.